IT Chapter 2 (2019)

Omg wow what an epic film.
IT chapter 2 runs for a long time (almost 3 hours infact), to some this may seem a bit daunting but it is 100% necessary and worth it.
The film takes you back to where chapter one left off with what was believed to be the end of pennywise and his torment on the small town of Derry, and the group of kids make the promise to come back if IT returns. 27 years have passed and Pennywise makes his return and therefore so does the original gang of “losers”. As they return so does their memories of the past and so does the mayhem.
How would I describe IT: chapter 2? Epic? Chaotic? Fearsome? Awesome? Incredible? How about all of the above!
There wad not a dull moment throughout the entire 3 hours. Hard hitting gore (in all the right places). The special effects though over the top at times were fantastic. The crew that worked on the film really upped their game from the first one. IT was really all thriller no filler.
My partner is a horror film veteran and IT:chapter 2 even had her jumping several times, which truly hits home on the unpredictability. Something that alot of horror films these days lack. So, I’m guaranteeing this one will be on the to purchase on DVD list hahaha.
Stephen King himself even made a guest appearance which was a wicked surprise and I hope he feels the latest screen version of his classic horror novel is just as great because I believe it truly was.
If you loved the first chapter of IT you will really love the second. Infact any horror fan should definitely put it on the must see list.
I personally think it was better than the first, love love loved it and I hope you all do to.
Review by Steph Suter-James.

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