Molson Canadian Beer


Molson is a Canadian beer which has a slightly similar taste to Budweiser.

This lager is your buddy, it has a simple label, white with a maple leaf and Molson in blue with CANANDIAN in red and blue underneath. The taste is a bit coarse, yet not off putting, but strong enough to warm the tongue. It’s more common to go with the good ole Canadian Club Whisky, but a beer (spelt Biere) is a welcome change. You’ll be left feeling like a moose after a few of these brews.  Its bold brown bottle and simple, yet effective label is calling you.

Molson seems like a new thing, having never seen it before, it may of just come about for Australia – or it was hidden here all this time. It’s good for something different, nothing outstanding, but there’s good solid flavour with this beer.

Fizz, bold brown colour like the maple leaf, and a fine drop after a tough week at work.

Review by Scary.

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