Sextuplets (2019)


Father-to-be Alan is shocked to learn that he was born a sextuplet. With his newfound brother Russell riding shotgun, the duo sets out on a hilarious journey to reunite with their remaining long-lost siblings.

Let’s be honest, this is not exactly high brow entertainment.  It’s just a ludicrous, romp of a comedy film.  Is it funny though?  Well, to some it will be hilarious, to others, maybe not so much.

Sextuplets is a Marlin Wayans vehicle.. yes, he of Little Man and White Chicks fame – and if you have seen those two movies, you should have a pretty clear vision of what you’re in for.

In the tradition of Eddie Murphy in The Nutty Professor, Wayans plays all six of the estranged sextuplets and their birth mother, and actually does a pretty fine job of embodying the different physical and mental traits of each.  Marlon Wayans has a great deal of talent, and could be fantastic in better written material.

It’s a silly and often predictable movie about a father to be, on a mission to discover where he came from.  And it’s fine for what it is.  If you are looking to shut off your brain and witness some mindless entertainment, this is the film for you.  If you prefer something with a little more substance, avoid Sextuplets at all costs.

It will find its audience on Netflix I’m sure.  Had it been a theatrical release, Sextuplets would have gone nowhere fast.


Review by Rick Trewin.

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