Crobot – Motherbrain (2019)


Motherbrain is the new album by Crobot, a 4 piece dirty groove rock band from Pottsville, PA.  Burn is the opening track and it’s an easy opener to get you in the mood, with a couple surprises near the end ( Rage Against The Machine style riffs).  Burn is hot on your ears.

Keep Me Down is the 2nd track and 1st single off the album. This one surely lives up to the groove rock and the video clip is a crazy experience. Drown is the 3rd track and dives deep into Nu-metal/industrial territory. After the head-banger opening, it mellows out to a calm yet reasonable moody place.

Low Life follows at 4th place and is another single with accompanying video. Low Life is an interesting track, with it’s streamline pace and solid rock personality.  The video sees the band at school and then finishing up on stage. Alpha Dawg is the 5th track.. it starts off with a nifty little drum spot by Dan and then breaks into a easy flowing gloomy blues number.

Stoning The Devil is the 666… 6th track and this has  very suiting music to the name. It’s pretty much a doom/stoner offering. Gasoline is the 7th track and, it seems it’ll be a full on ballad, but after Brandon’s lyric break, things change up to hard knocking rock. It’s fair to say, it’s a power ballad.

Destroyer kicks the wall down with its metallic intro of thick riffs and drums so we get into the groove straight away with this cruising offering in 8th place, lots of great drum work by Dan. Blackout is number 9 and it keeps that slow burn pace with little pulse jumps, especially the chorus. Afterlife is an atmosphere filled track, it’s a good jive with a bit of a funky bassline by James.

The Hive is the 11th and last track, it’s a fine close to the album. There’s some Alice In Chains and Faith No More vibes with this album, most of the songs have a rock and roll direction, yet a few hooks are there to change pace and make each song different and unique.


Review by Scary.

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