Coffin Carousel – Open Up Them Stitches


Open Up Them Stitches is the newest single by Coffin Carousel. This heavy rocker of a track has essential groove and INDUSTRIAL flavoured riffs.

The bass is booming and the melodies will have you swoon. The drumming is like your heart being played with and Howsie’s vocals are dimensional, clean cut and dirty rough.

These are all the right elements for this type of band, the video, well, atmosphere is all around, two girls dance to the rhythm and they get cheeky ( right in your face in this cool dark place, where many dream to be whilst others fear to tread). There’s some gore for horror lovers and the production value is professional and handled well.  The direction, especially the cinematography showing off great vivid focus of the band and the dancers, really capture your fantasies and all the glory of rock n roll. The shock and awe is showcased wonderfully here, it’s like going to a carnival to get freaked out and enjoy every moment.

Written by Scary.

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