Dirt – Supercharged Apocalyptic Antichrist Psychosis (2019)


Supercharged Apocalyptic Antichrist Psychosis is such a good hard rock album with six songs that offer a no-frills but with  adrenalized experience. Riffs, hooks and epic choruses are evident in every one of the six songs on the album! Once it hits the speakers it will be fast, furious and hard to turn off, so strap in and enjoy the ride!

Dirt is a high energy hard rock band that offers something a little bit different. They take the stage with genuine gratitude and without the rock star attitude. They are reminiscent of a newly born liter of puppies when they take the stage.

Every member is first and foremost, a fan …for real!
Dirt is made up of five members that have all done the grind. They’ve all worked 15-hour shifts to only barely make ends meet. They’ve all experienced what it is like to be in debt and wonder how they will give their kids a memorable Christmas. In short, they’ve lived the lives that many of their fans are living and they can TRULY connect with their fans when they take the stage.

They understand their fans because they are the same as their fans. This is the potion that causes any room that they play to become electric.

It is a true escape from reality that has NO rival.
highlights of this album: “Switchblade Renegade!, “ Black Dawn” and “Devil In Me”, three good pieces that get more interest than any other song but I reiterate the fact that this album is really good in its entirety.

Review by Valeria Campagnale.

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