Livewire – AC/DC Tribute, Oak Tree Hotel, 17/8/19


Livewire AC/DC tribute band shot the Oak tree tavern down in flames on Saturday night. This high voltage tribute band had been inactive for 6 years, once they made a jailbreak, there were dirty deeds done, but not dirt cheap. Focusing on the Bon Scott era, Livewire capture the power age of AC/DC. The venue was packed, there was a birthday party happening, so what a great gift in form of a great tribute act. Livewire set off the tnt with 2 sets of classics, anthems and favourites.


Michael Polanske portrays Bon Scott and he has nailed the voice 100%, Michael Uberti as Angus Young has everything captured, the schoolboy outfit, the hat, devil horns and the goosesteps. Of course those solos take big balls to perform. Matt Hankin portrays Mark Evans+Cliff Williams on bass goes down to sin city, we then have Adam ‘’the frog’’ Frogley as Malcolm Young on rhythm guitar providing show business and being a problem child as Phil Rudd is Mac Nicholson, who added blasts beats at the erupting end of TNT. With a happy crowd dancing and Livewire proving a whole lotta great music, the night was one to remember until the next time.

Review by Scary.

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