Winterblind – Effigy (2019)


Winterblind is back with the new album “Effigy” in which experimental meets prog, a band born  as black metal

This progressive metal band presents  an album in which Fabian Villaroel Benitez on vocals reach good tones with his screaming that it’s pretty in line with guitars.

“Effigy” has on its side as good point, a really good rhythm , especially in song like “Torus”, “Black Scholes” or “My Public Anatomy”.

A complex album in which the six pieces gives us good vibes with their radical prog style rooted in black metal style, surely an album to listen more than one time only, just to feel what the band wants to gives t the listeners.

Great  Jan Kennis’ bass in the closing song “Never Change”, for an equally good track, such the highlight of this work.

The bitter voice with the excellent guitars make this EP such a good work that will be the joy for who likes experimental music and for the black metal fans as well, maybe not for the purists of the genre but absolutely to be listened to and, I wrote before, “Effigy” is a work to listen with attention to capture all the nuances that this band has managed to process to make the EP absolutely appealing.

Review by Valeria Campagnale.

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