Thrashin’ at Mr. Boogie Man Bar, Live Review, 9/8/19

A bill of METAL.
Replacement Buses.
Replacement Buses opened the night at Mr Boogie Man Bar. This 3 piece band is a journey of great talent. They’re not your typical band, they’re a league of their own. What stands out is their style, FUSION. They can be HEAVY, light, soft and everything else. The show they put on was phenomenal, the crowd were into it, their reaction and applause was as wild as the band. Progressive and experimental, if you love Punk, Metal, Funk, Jazz, you get it all in one with Replacement Buses. There’s so much they do with their songs, each has a change every so often, and playing a challenging genre as they do, Replacement buses do it the very best. Hemi Morton-vocals and guitar, is charismatic and has an amazing stage presence, Brodie-bass, executes some awesome lines and grooves and Zac on drums ( filled 2 spots for other bands Shredder and Armata) is kick ass on drums ( and good with the bass). It’s rare you get a rie like this, so, get on out to see Replacement buses.
Nembutolik is a death/thrash/core band who were 2nd on the bill at Mr Boogie man bar. Extreme to the intense with hard breakdowns and beautiful melodic passages, Nembutolik expresses their emotions with pure raw energy. The band has taken some big steps to be different and interesting from the norm. The mosh pit was as crazy as the band itself. Seeing the people get into what was put out, was the very reason Nembutolik exists. The time was made, for Nembutolik, the venue, full of more patrons and fans. Just passion and love for METAL. Through out the gig there was talk about the Pope ( this part gets controversial) once the requested song started, chants of FUCK THE POPE started and it turned out to be the chorus. Metal and religion have a rich history, and the hellish foundation with devilish charms that is Nembutolik was heaven for their followers. Pat-vocals, is a natural frontman, his screams are done with pride. Hemi ( from Replacement buses) just rips some sweet riffs and Riley, holds ground with his riffs, it’s like a duel. Liam on bass keeps up the pulse and on the drums is Jonk, knocking all out with gusto. You want heavy?, you got a fine dose with this band.


Shredder is a 4 piece Thrash bands from Pakenham who were 3rd on the stage at Mr Boogie man bar last Friday night. They live up to their name as METAL is the game. The wall of sound generated by this band was as crushing as the drums were pounded by Christian. With hammering riffs by Jordan and Seth ( whose vocals are raw and pure) made room for the fierce bass work by Zac ( the man is in many bands). Together, Shredder are like the four horsemen of the apocalypse, and the people once again flooded the floor. These eager metal-heads didn’t care if the world would end, because Shredder made sure to cut deep into the hearts of their fans as their music is sharp and just how you love it.


Armata is a 4 piece thrash band who headlined Thrashin at Mr Boogie man bar last Friday night. The man, myth and legend Zac Halpin helped fill David’s spot on guitar/vocals for the night. There was a lot of buzz at this gig, as Armata are set to release their album Destiny Awaits in September, so they had flyers at the front for their fans and others to take one. Armata have that classic underground sound of 1st wave thrash, there’s big riffs full of crazy rhythms and blistering solos by Jack and David ( in this night’s case, Zac), pummelling drums by Daniel and Dylan’s raspy and strong voice and his hearty bass work. It’s safe to say Armata serve you a killing performance, getting a huge reaction from their fans and other patrons whom were there to support. Only the strong survive as Armata strive to get their album out, it’s been a long time coming, but their will and determination will make that time worth it. Due to their show on Friday, they’re set and ready, are you?

Review by Scary.

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