Spread Eagle – Subway to the Stars (2019)


This is ballsy hard rock music.  Pure and simple, and most importantly, effective.

Once we get past the gimmicky opening of subway noises, the title track kicks things off in mammoth fashion.  A huge riff and a guttural scream fire us up, for what becomes anthemic rock music with massive choruses.

29th Of February follows on perfectly.  More big and bold choruses and plenty of riffs let us know exactly what Spread Eagle is all about, and they’re really good at what they do.

Sound of Speed is faster paced and catchy as hell, Dead Air utilises string instruments in its opening moments before transforming into a rock radio friendly banger, while Grand Scam is an energetic track, dripping with attitude.  And while every track has been good so far, this offers up the first taste of greatnesss – a definite highlight.

More Wolf Than Lamb features an undeniable groove, and vocals that really showcase Ray West’s abilities as a singer.  Cut Through further showcases the vocals, while also offering up some great lead guitar and pounding rhythm.  Quite honestly, Spread Eagle are up there with the more melodic modern day Godsmack.

Little Serpentina has a lot in common with mid 90’s post grunge, particularly Bush.  Even the vocals bring Gavin Rossdale to mind.  Antisocial Butterfly is the exact opposite.  Blistering guitars are the engine of this track, and it provides another highlight.

Gutter Rhymes For Valentines provides a softer moment.  It’s not quite a power ballad, but it definitely shares some of the qualities, while closing track, Solitaire, does actually take us into ballad territory.  Driven by acoustic guitars and a ripping vocal performance, I waited for the build to an epic climax, but it retained the one level throughout.  It’s a good song, but after the previous tracks, I wanted the album to close with maximum energy.

Subway to the Stars is a really solid hard rock album, bright and diverse, energetic and ballsy.    This is the sort of album that could put Spread Eagle on the map.


Review by Shayne McGowan.

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