Critters Attack!


Follows 20-year-old Drea, who reluctantly takes a job babysitting for a professor of a college she hopes to attend. Struggling to entertain the professor’s children Trissy and Jake, along with her own little brother Phillip , Drea takes them on a hike, unaware that mysterious alien critters have crash-landed and started devouring every living thing they encounter.



Mindless entertainment!

Critters Attack! is a love letter to the original franchise.  Simple as that.  I don’t expect this movie to kickstart a new generation in the Critters franchise, it’s just a silly fun time.

Produced for tv on a shoestring budget, Critters Attack! is directed by the unknown Bobby Miller, and written by Scott Lodbell of Happy Death Day fame.  It’s not a masterpiece, nor is it designed to be – it’s a throwback to a time where d-grade horror movies were a big business, and this pays homage to the era well.

It looks like an eighties movie – the effects are practical, and pretty bad.

It sounds like an eighties movie – the dialogue is lame and the production is poor.

The cast is average at best – I’ve seen better acting in YouTube fan films.

Believe it or not, none of this is a bad thing in my opinion.  I grew up on silly horror franchises like Critters and Ghoulies (remember them?!) and Critters Attack! takes me back to that time.  I think the filmmakers set out to do just that – and pulled it off.

It’s also really cool to see Dee Wallace return to the franchise in a bit of fan service, albeit in a different role than her original turn as Helen.

Look, I know that this is the kind of movie people are going to shit on, I just don’t understand why.  Shut off your brain, sit back, and let this thing transport you back in time on the nostalgia bus.  It’s stupidly fun, and it worked for me.


Review by Rick Trewin.

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