Us (2019)


A family’s serene beach vacation turns to chaos when their doppelgängers appear and begin to terrorize them.

I had high hopes for “Us”.  After Jordan Peele gave us the very unique “Get Out” for his directorial debut in 2017, it had my expectations raised for his follow up.

Sadly, I was dissatisfied with the results.  It’s not an overly bad movie, it’s just not particularly interesting or exciting.  It took nearly half of the movies duration to get to the point, and that first half offered nothing to hold my interest – and it’s 2019, so when you’re watching a movie at home, and your interest wanes, out comes the phone.

Once it did finally make its way to the bones of the matter, it did come across as a pretty well executed and original idea, even if it was somewhat muddled.  It just wasn’t enough to recapture my imagination.

It’s a dark and dreary looking film, but that works in the context of the movie.  The script is average at best – much like the movie itself.

The cast does the best they can with the material provided – The doppelgängers are suitably creepy (especially Evan Alex’s turn as doppelgänger, Pluto), but the “normal” people are rather bland.

It’s probably not fair to keep comparing the two, but while “Get Out” was memorable, “Us” is largely forgettable.


Review by Rick Trewin.

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