Slipknot – We Are Not Your Kind (2019)


We are not your kind is the 6th album by Slipknot. The name comes from the fan favourite promotional single All out life a song that SHOULD’VE been on the album instead of the filler of What’s next ( a look into the work of Craig) so, this gives him some time to shine, that is a positive, but the album at times feels wasted with these filler tracks and couple of ballads like My pain. Sure, it’s emotional and expresses loss, grief and shows the more vulnerable side of the Knot, but coming after the HEAVY AND FIERCE Iowa grade Orphan, My pain just seems out of place.

Ok, to get things in order, Insert coin is a brilliant start, it’s like 515 from Iowa and the barcode opening of Self titled, so, we’re back in Iowa and we are getting ready to LIVE! Unsainted, it may not be the heaviest song but it has got love and, out of the ballads and fillers, it is a heavy track, it’s choir opening is very new for the Knot, the rolls of the toms by Jay, the bass and guitars by Vman, Jim and Mick, has you know, matters are about the get down. It does, and you’re headbanging right away. Birth of the cruel slows things down, but keeps relevantly heavy. This song is a call back to the 1st two albums, it;s dark, grim and gives you chills, one that’ll grow on you.

Death because of death, is a filler but works more as a micro-song, due to lyrics ( a guest vocalist is here) with it’s tribal percussions and haunting chant ‘’Death because of death because of you’’ can work for a mid concert breather, setting us up for Nero Forte. This song could have been where Unsainted is, it’s 1 of the heaviest and best tracks so far, Nero Forte may not have blast sections, but it’s riff hooks you and just the nature of this beast is enough to have you satisfied. Critical Darling is a similar track, it’s bold, beautiful and yes, HEAVY. It goes well alongside Nero, so, they are brother and sister.

A liar’s funeral is the first ballad, you may e reminded of Snuff, a ballad at this time works, we’ve had our heads kicked in and now it’s time to breath, but we only have so much time before Red Flag. This is Slipknot at their finest, fast, heavy and what you wished for. The classic raw sound has you screaming for more and it’s another great song. What’s next is, nothing but just a gimmicky jam (more work by Craig so he gets the light again, but, it just feels like a wasted spot) Spiders is as creepy as the arachnids themselves, if you fear them, this isn’t for you. It’s the most experimental track, haunting, like a nightmare, Craig’s piano work just makes this a stand out song, no wonder it’s a featured track. It’s a memorable song and a good plus.

Orphan, well, this is Heretic anthem 2, it is by far the heaviest track, there’s a lot being put into this baby. Welcome home Slipknot. My pain, another ballad and one not needed, we can can thank Not long for this world, it feels like Vermillion, and is heavy where it needs to be, light so you can sing along and, no surprise it’ll be played live. Solway firth, a heavy finish, a favourite and, the last good song. You’d be pining for this after the other tracks. The fillers work for a concept album, but All out life really was needed and some of the other cut songs could of made this the MASTERPIECE Iowa was. Hough, this is what is is, an experience, some different things, new ground. There’s enough pure Knot to keep you happy and other works to get you thinking. After a couple listens, more is revealed and has you thank the Knot for a new album, with wish fulfilment and some surprises. Gather your mates, as this is an 8/10.

By Scary of Scared Wolf Reviews

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