KorrectioN – Outlaws (2019)


The nice part of having webzines is receiving music from the artists themselves, bypassing labels and promotion agencies, when an artist contacts you, opens a new world, you discover small gems that you could hardly know if a work is self-produced. This is the case of the Greek band KorrectioN.

Formed in Athens in 2016 KorrectioN,  basically as a recording project of Dimitri’s Korres, already singer and guitarist in Heavy Dirt,Hellhound’s Trail,Dogbone Slam,

Korrection’s very first song were “Blues of Kain” , “Taking my Dues” and “Shades”, then the band released the EP “Shades”

After the recordings of “Shades” Dimitris decided to bring full time members and that’s when Aggelos Papaggelou and Giannis Liouskos came in KorrectioN. Aggelos is a groovy bass player that quickly brought ideas and good vibes and Giannis is a steady, rhythm machine that laid the path for the new tunes to start rolling.

Outlaws is a work with vintage rock with blues roots, just like in the first track “C & D” in which is evident the band’ soul well founded in a genre that has marked the history of music but not only, has given life to more than one generation of musicians; instrumental track made of an intense mood,

The title track “Outlaws” shows a particular song, well centralized in the genre and even if it’s not very present, that hint of voice is able to give a better idea of the deep timbre of Dimitris Korres; good bass, or rather the general approach of Angelos Papaggelou is very good, also the drums in which Ioannis Liouskos is able to express himself at his best are remarkable.

“Shotgun Bay” manages to be the freshest piece of this EP, a rock with blues bases and slight hints of prog, between a retro rock and a lash of new life, this is a very catchy track and definitely one of my favorites along with the following “Will Of Steel”, which has a slightly more metal imprint.

Let’s say that “Will Of Steel” is vaguely reminiscent in some ways of “Born To Be Wild” by Steppenwolf; a catchy song like the previous one but with a heavier atmosphere.

Four complete tracks of that rock atmosphere, an EP that seems divided into two sections, the first two more elegant tracks and two more spartan tracks that for my taste I consider the best but without detracting from the creation and the aura of two tracks that basically have a deep way of being, excellently played and realized.

Review by Valeria Campagnale.

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