The Mother Crow – Magara (2019)


Mothercrow from Spain, released  on May 17th ihe large anticipated debut album “Magara’” via Nasoni Records,
“Magara’” is a brilliant work marked with a stoner rock with blues sound, deeply rooted in the 1970s, just listen to the opener “Revolution”  to realize the music that the band offers and is a sound that manages to immerse us in a sound so engaging.

This heavy blues veined with stoner, accompanies us throughout the album, even in the second track “Mantis” the band gives us a mood exquisitely Seventies but obviously with a modern sound.

With “Stoner” the atmosphere becomes more interesting, it will be for the warm voice of Karen Asensio, it will be for the bass lines of Claudia González, this is one of the most beautiful and engaging songs of “Magara”.

If we appreciated a more engaging and deep mood with the previous song, with “Swat It!” the band offers us a much more rock’n’roll song always with its own stoner imprint, a fresh and catchy song that manages to stand up to the previous songs, excellent Max Eriksson on guitar.
“Forevermore is another deeper piece of underwear, just like “Stoner”, vaguely on the same line is the next “Gauan (Lo-Kanta) ” with the intro that brings back to the notes of Velvet Undergound.

Energizing “Lizard Queen”, definitely more aggressive song and with the excellent rhythm of Pep Carabante on drums. A good example of stoner rock that manages to fully involve.
The title track “Magara” is a good example of what The Mothercrow expresses, a song in which the band manages to weave a sound markedly seventies with a modern mood made of stoner with blues echoes.

“Ashes” closes this interesting album, a particularly suggestive track as the whole album is with unveiled references to a decade that has deeply marked the hard rock genre but with these bluesy ventures that enrich a respectable debut.

Review by Valeria Campagnale.

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