Echo Del Tusker – Gold in the Silver


Mere months after delivering their excellent debut EP, Words to Live By, Echo Del Tusker are already hard at work on new material.

The Melbourne based four piece, featuring Estelle Artois, Mick Quee, Brendan Forward and newest addition to the band, Jarrod Medwin, have just released the new single, Gold In The Silver, recorded at Lighthill Sound Recording by Ricki Rae, in semi regional Victoria.

The track builds excellently on the foundations the band laid on the aforementioned EP, in fact, in all honesty, it’s far better.  That’s not a knock on the previous material, it was all great stuff – Gold In The Silver just demonstrates how quickly this band is coming in to their own.


All of the musicians involved have had varied levels of success in their previous projects, but I can honestly see Echo Del Tusker reaching levels that even the members themselves might not be expecting.

The track itself is an upbeat number, bolstered by the strength and quality of the vocal from Artois.  The band are a tight unit, with the addition of Medwin on drums proving to fit like a glove.  There would be a certain amount of familiarity between he and guitarist, Forward, having spent time together in Massive.


Medwins playing also compliments that of bass guitarist, Mick Quee perfectly – the two coming together to unify as one very formidable rhythm section.  The guitar playing is somewhat understated, allowing the vocals to shine, and they do just that.

Whether Gold In The Silver is a stand-alone single, or the first taste of an EP or album to follow, is so far unknown.  Regardless, it is a very strong song, and a great glimpse into where Echo Del Tusker goes in the future.

-Shayne McGowan

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