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Here at Noise Pollution headquarters, we are always inundated with submissions of great music, but we just can’t keep up with it all!  We are however, dedicated to bringing you as many reviews as possible, so from here on in, we vow to no longer let quality music fall through the cracks, or fly under our radar.  The Sixx Pack will feature six reviews of great quality music, albeit in a shorter form, every single weekend.  Aptly named, so that you can enjoy the music, while enjoying a beverage or six!

Dirty Honey – Dirty Honey EP (2019) Independent


Putting your best foot forward for your debut release is obviously the best thing to do, and Las Vegas residents, Dirty Honey, have done just that on their self titled EP.  Possessing the hard rock meets blues swagger of AC/DC coupled with the hunger and urgency that made Guns N Roses a household name, then sprinkle in a touch of Robert Plant, and you might be getting a hint of what Dirty Honey is all about.

While a band like Greta Van Fleet seem to be a little polarising among rock fans, Dirty Honey falls into a similar genre, but I believe they will be less polarising in the grand scheme of things.  Rolling 7’s is the standout track, with everything else equally contributing very much to a good time.


Karly Jewel – Phoenix (2019)     Independent


Melbourne based rocker, Karly Jewell, together with her three band mates, create a blistering brand of rock n roll that is both a throw-back to the past, but also very modern sounding.  There are no bells and whistles here, from the opening track, Let You Down, through the tender closing moments of September, there is never a dull moment.

It’s a really great rock record, with the focus on the vocals for sure.  Jewell has a powerful voice that is custom made for good old rock n roll – and when that is backed up by a solid band, and her own guitar talents, it’s a winning formula.  Check out Smells Like Trouble or the title track, Phoenix, for stand outs.


Valley Queen – Supergiant (2018)     Bread and Butter Records


Hailing from Los Angeles, Valley Queen deliver a style of music that has as much in common with folk rock as it does with alternative rock of the mid nineties.  It’s an incredibly different listening experience than that of which I’m used to, but it’s pretty enjoyable stuff.

The title track, Supergiant, sees the band establish a sound that is fiercely independent, albeit with definite mainstream appeal.

In fact, that just about sums up the entire album.  Stunning vocals from Natalie Carol are found throughout, and the band provides an interesting musical background.

The short and punchy Boiling Water, is the standout track for me, but listen to the likes of Chasing The Muse and Highway Pearls to get a real sense of Valley Queens diversity.


BlitZ – Welcome to the Rock Show (2019) City of Lights Records


Nottingham has produced some pretty decent bands over the years.  Add BlitZ to the list, because they’re pretty good!

It’s hard rock with commercial appeal.  Big sing along choruses, rock n roll cliches, and a solid musical foundation make for a pretty great listen.

If you are, or have ever found yourself enjoying classics like KISS, Warrant and Skid Row, or you’re a fan of a newer band like Trucker Diablo, then you will find a lot to like about Welcome to the Rock Show.  Tracks like Miss America and Only the Strong Survive Are sure to be major crowd pleasers, while Love Is A War will certainly make fans of power ballads very happy.

Welcome to the Rock Show is a very well rounded album, and an overall great listening experience.


Russell Morris – Black and Blue Heart (2019)                                                  Liberation Records


Russell Morris is singing as good, if not better than ever here.  The entire album is a rollicking blues infused good time, aided by a fantastic backing band made up of a superb collection of musicians including the inimitable Dan Kelly on guitars, and bolstered by exceptional production from Nick DiDia and Bernard Fanning.

Known for huge hits like The Real Thing, Morris has aged into his voice very well, as demonstrated on tracks such as Is There Anybody Out There?, Full Moon and the groovy Witness Protection.  This is a great record from start to finish, honouring the past, but adding a fresh impetus, and highly recommended to all fans of singer/songwriter material.


Ian Blurton’s Futures Now – Signals Through the Flames (2019)                            Pajama Party


Labeled as “heavy music”, you’re well aware that this is not your run of the mill metal from the opening salvo of Ian Blurtons debut album.  The Toronto based band provides the listener with an experience, rather than just another album to hear once and file away.  I have found this to be an infectious album from the first track to the last.

Stellar guitar work is heard throughout, while the vocals are bright and colourful, but also sinister at times.  On a track like Night of the Black Goat the riffs are loaded, while Nothing Left to Lose sees the band deliver a wink and a nod to classic bands of the 70’s.

Its metal, but not as you know it – groovy and catchy, interesting and immersive.  Equal parts prog, traditional and alternative.  A very pleasant surprise to my ears.


Reviews by Shayne McGowan

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