Electric Radio Kings – Purrr (2019)


Electric Radio Kings was formed in 2017, with deep roots in New Orleans, Los Angeles and Toronto. This amazing new quintet is part of the quickly rising resurgence of new rock n’ roll that is taking back popular and mainstream music. After 2017 EP “Lights Fantastic” which featured the single and video “Sympathy for Me”, the band is back with the thrilling album “Purrr”, already released on April 2019 via Grand Vision Records.

The band features Paul Christiana on vocals whose style is often compared to Scott Weiland and Jim Morrison. On Lead guitar is National recording and songwriting artist, former L.A. Guns guitarist Stacey David Blades, also on lead and rhythm guitar is Keith Horne and rounding out the rhythm section is former A&M recording artist Johnny Rude on drums and former Sex Slaves bassist Del Cheetah.
What makes Electric Radio Kings gain popularity and fans quickly is their combination of many great mixtures of music. With the echoes of past and present ala Cheap Trick, Foo Fighters, Stone Temple Pilots and Guns N’ Roses.
“Purr” widely anticipated  by  singles like “Back to Black” Amy Winehouse song, “Jack Black Flower”, and “Sympathy for Me”, it’s a pure modern sleaze hard rock album in which the band infuses positive energy and excellent vibration, all in a personal style and obviously in a hard rock mood.
From the very first listening this band literally excited me, great guitars, great rhythm and a fantastic voice and inevitably my deepest self of sleaze rockers re-emerged, there were always exciting records like “Purr” and bands like Electric Radio Kings.
Absolutely brilliant and catchy is the opener “Downshifter”, just pure hard rock sound a song full of vitality and adrenaline, the classic live performance piece with attached and connected by the audience, excellent guitars, excellent rhythm and spectacular voice of Stacey, really an exciting song, perfect opener.
If with the previous track the band took us into a whirling hard rock without too many frills, with the following “Bones To The Crow” Electric Radio Kings I give us a more balanced track with references to a solid but very melodic rock, fantastic solo and an easy listening mood.
With “Round Go Mary” you can switch to a slightly harder rhythm than the previous track, let’s say that this third track fully reflects a hard rock with hues halfway between a typical American sound and that new feature of the northern European bands, in turn influenced by hard rock with stars and stripes, it goes without saying that this track manages to capture all the nuances of an old school sound interwoven with the modern one. great piece in which again stands out Keith Horne’s guitar.
“Back To Black” is an excellent version of Amy Winehouse song, as I wrote before, while the following “Sympathy For Me” is another example of how damn rock the Electric Radio Kings are that even with a not too articulated song can make their mark with their roots firmly in the American sound.
Want more? So here comes “Jack Black Flower” which has in itself a fantastic verve and a timbre well timed and always with a classic flavor.
Fabulous “Black Cherry Blossom”, I love this song that has a very easy and very melodic rock feature but at the same time reinforced by a vivid sound and very, very rock’n’roll.
Del Cheetah’s spectacular bass intro for “Grabbing At A Distant Star”, another balanced track that manages to intertwine a classic sound with a rougher once American-flavored once again, very good.
The semi ballad “When The Lights Go Down” closes this album, a quiet and sweet closing, after all the slow track is almost a must.
If you love this kind of rock, “Purrr” is for you and if you want to listen to a great record of healthy hard rock with street veins, you can’t miss it.

 Review by Valeria Campagnale

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