Wildheart – No Love (2019)


Among the many, maybe too many now, hard sleaze rock bands, every now and then you can glimpse something good and spontaneous, as in the case of WildHeart with the new album “No Love”, in which the eleven tracks that compose it, are of excellent level.

Halfway between Crashdïet, Reckless Love and the sleaze glam wave of the eighties, WildHeart managed to capture my attention, with a typically catchy sound, like the opener “A Stranger’s Eyes”, preceded by “The Mirror” with its guitar and drum intro. “A Stranger’s Eyes” is the classic rock’n’roll song with a splash of colour, melodious and with a not inconsiderable guitar, voice that manages to convey that sense of mood typically hard rock and good also the rhythmic section.

Then follows “Nothing But Trouble”, one of my favourites on this album, a vintage sound interwoven with modern sounds, a bit like Ratt coming back now with a new work, to make the idea.

“Dutch Courage” has a very good groove and melodic in its way, with such a a good guitar vibes
Excellent vocalization for the following “No Love”, also this song markedly 80’s, has a good rhythm, a bit ‘Survivor style to tell the truth, but it is catchy and melodious and even if it is not an innovative song, it is still great both for the voice and for the musical structure itself.

With “One Way Ticket to Paradise” starts the glamorous sleaze that is in me, a touch of Poison, a bit of L.A. Guns, a pimp sound and damn catchy, absolutely another song that I prefer for its funny and easygoing mood.

With “Rumours” we are in a semiballad that starts with the intention of being an exclusively gritty song but that actually alternates with softer moments while “Good To Be Bad”, besides having an excellent drums, is also a decisively harder rock track in American style, appreciated by me and that I’m sure can be as much for those who listen to this album.

If WildHeart had already won me over with the first track, with “The Winner’s Always Right” they have my respect.
A piece so energetic and fresh, I hadn’t heard it in a long time, great guitars and vocals, the rhythm itself and the right attitude both in the sound and in the performance itself, good guys!

Excellent also “Valerie”, with tones oriented towards a blues rock, song in which excels the sound of bass, really interesting.
Excellent choice to close the album with a track like “Tonight We Rock” that manages to be the synthesis of this album, high spirit rock, glam veins and sleaze, a perfect interweaving with the addition of an energetic enhancement, not another song could closes this album.

If you’re nostalgic, if you love the American style genre, but I remind you that WildHeart are Belgians, then “No Love” is the album for you and you shouldn’t miss it because, as I said at the beginning, there are many bands that propose the genre, but only a few stand out, WildHeart do it for sure.

Review by Valeria Campagnale.

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