Fugue – The Spoils Of War (2019)


Fugue is a Rock trio based in Italy formed in early 2019, after the recording of a debut solo album of Australian singer and songwriter Luke Corso, that was destined to become a traveling live show.
After meeting bass player Anna Bach and drummer Renato Fabrizi, they decided to bring this music to the stage.
The album “The Spoils Of War” will be released in September 2019 via Agoge Records, anticipated by “Smoketrails” single and video, out on 18th July 2019.
Fugue is inspired by rock that once ruled the world, and is dedicated to being part of its eternal future.
Can we use the adjective ‘delicate’ for an album Alternative-Post Grunge? Because this “The Spoils Of War” by Fugue is exactly that, delicate.
Starting with the beautiful opener “Air”, a harmonious song, with a touch of almost dreamlike atmosphere, it’s difficult to explain this song, very emotional and more than an alternative rock it seems more a song oriented towards an indie genre, as well as the following “Hungry Sea”, which has progressive veins. In short, excellent presentation tracks, with a persuasive voice that manages to catch the listener’s attention and with a musicality that manages to become a real distinctive mark for this group.
The following “Leaves” does not differ from the two previous tracks, continuing on the same line, enclosing a very harmonious and harmonious sound.
Then we move on to “Run”, where the music starts to be more sustained and with a more felt rhythm, while never abandoning a laconic and melodic sound.
The intro of “Siren” makes us imagine an even more sustained song but the melody returns and alternates with more intrusive moments, to underline a melancholic grunge.
“Smoketrails” has something epic about it, especially in its beginning, this is a song full of different sounds and where perhaps the best expresses the musicality of Fugue and to be honest, I prefer the band in this piece rather than in the previous ones, beautiful but perhaps too slow.
With “The Shroud” we go back to a melancholic and certainly impressive sound, in which the band seems to move very well, but it’s in piece like “Walls”, with more determination, that Fugue can convince me more, just like in “Smoketrails”.

To close, another piece with an important musicality, “Waterline”, which despite having its own internal always that melancholic vein, also has a good charge, especially thanks to an excellent guitar.

Valeria Campagnale

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