WildHeart – No Love (2019)


Belgium’s own Wildheart have independently released their second full length album, No Love.  If you’re a fan of sleazy 80’s hard rock in the vein of Motley Crüe, Ratt and the like, this will be right up your alley.

Opening up with the mostly instrumental “The Mirror”, the band doesn’t grab my attention straight away.  It goes nowhere, and doesn’t really effectively roll into the next song, “A Strangers Eyes”, but as this one comes to life, you get the sense that these boys are on to something.

With the right production, Wildheart could be a huge band, as all of the elements are in place already.  Take a listen to the anthemic rock stylings of “Nothing But Trouble” or the massive choruses of “Dutch Courage” as perfect examples.

Musically Wildheart are solid as a rock.  They know their strengths and they play to them, never over-complicating matters by over playing – in fact, they manage to get their huge sound across by doing the exact opposite.  Check out “No Love” and listen to the stripped back nature of the bands playing in the verses.  This is really well put together stuff, even if it is a very familiar formula.

“One Way Ticket To Paradise” is a classic hard rock number, while “Rumours” is a sure fire crowd pleaser.  “Good To Be Bad” is possibly the heaviest moment here, driven by a riff that carries the song right the way through, and “The Winners Always Right” is energetic and a highlight for me.

“Valerie” has a funky groove to it, and proves to be another highlight within a strong record.  To close out the album, Wildheart deliver the sort of track that could possibly become their signature tune in “Tonight We Rock”.  This one will provide a great live set opener for years to come.

Wildheart have a very strong foundation, with great guitars, excellent vocals and a driving rhythm section.. The only thing wrong with this record is that it’s lacking the slick production values that could really help to skyrocket this band.  The tunes are there, the melodies are fantastic, it just requires a little more polish.


Review by Shayne McGowan

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