Murders in the Rue Morgue…

So if you follow the (currently on hiatus) Noise Pollution Podcast, you will have heard me interview Melbourne based photographer, John Raptis, in which we spoke about his love of music, and his recent transition into record label chief.

John runs the independent label Rue Morgue Records, and releases some excellent original music from home-grown talent including Palace of the King, Dan Britain and Midnight Alibi.  Rue Morgue is also bringing in a huge range of vinyl titles and selling them through their online store – head over to the website and check out the impressive range and affordable prices now…

Rue Morgue Records has grown rapidly, and rightfully so.  The work that John and his crew are doing is fantastic, not just for vinyl enthusiasts, but for our local talent.  I for one, am totally for any new avenue a local band has to showcase their music – and Rue Morgue has somewhat of a knack for selecting artists that translate perfectly to the vinyl sound.

Raptis and his crew have recently been working tirelessly on a 12 song vinyl album, collecting tracks from current and future Rue Morgue label mates.  In the tradition of the Metal For Muthas and Hot Metal compilations of years gone by, Murders in the Rue Morgue (inspired by the classic Iron Maiden track of the same name) is available for pre-order now, and if you get in quick, you could be up for some extra perks, including a limited version of the album on CD, and your name in the album notes.

Murders in the Rue Morgue Volume 1 is limited to 666 copies (naturally) so get yours fast!

The following is direct from the latest subscriber email, and contains all the information, and motivation you need to buy a copy of Murders in the Rue Morgue Volume 1.  


We’re Halfway There!

First Milestone Comes Months Early!

It’s quite extraordinary, but in just under 6 days, we have raised 50% of the capital required to fund the production of this album. I can assure you… all of you, it is NOT a cheap exercise.

I was hoping to get to this point in a few months, not 6 days!!! But here we are. Through some very generous sponsors in HEAVY Mag, Step Up Property, Hardline Media and a couple of others who are finalising matters, we’re way ahead of schedule by a long way!

Pre-Sales of the record have been incredible for what is in essence a $50 record. Some people have bought multiple copies. Thank you! Blow me away!

As it stands now, there has also been a late flurry of bands who are approaching me as we speak to be on this. I am flattered. Some of the work they are putting forth is exemplary world class music. You will see singles from them in the immediate future and possibly an appearance on this record. Final sequencing is a month away.

Alas, we only have 12 slots on the vinyl. What may happen is we allocate 12 spots on the LP and the rest will go on the CD version. I haven’t quite worked out all the logistics on that… but I will.

A final track listing will be made available soon. Artist we have so far are: Atomic Riot, Dan Brittain, Midnight Alibi, Palace Of The King, Fierce Deity, Subtract-S, Espionage, The Vendettas, Grant Burns, Southbound Snake Charmers, Death Of Art, Killrazer, Dangerous Curves…

(There are a few others who I can’t name yet…)

Ultimately, some spots may be lost, some may be gained but a FULL track listing will happen on the CD version. I am sorry about that, but that’s how it has to be.

(Unless we do a double album? No, no. Stop it John! Yer killing yourself!)

Ok so let’s run through the deal. You give me your hard-earned I will give you a copy of…


Murders In The Rue Morgue Volume 1

12 Tracks/12 Artists

180 Gram Vinyl

Black and Red blood splattered vinyl

Limited Edition 666 copies

Chance to win signed test pressing edition by ALL 12 artists

Heavy Duty Embossed Cover

Full Colour 12″ booklet Insert with credits, RMR History, and every pre-order customer’s name

Full Colour OBI

Exclusive Murders RMR Sticker

Exclusive Murders RMR Guitar Pick

The first 200 people join LEGION – The 200 Club. Your name will appear in the album credits as per the sample below. Hurry, spots are filling fast!

The first 200 people get a FREE CD version of the LP.

The first 200 people get a 25% discount code to be used at the Rue Morgue Records store.

The first 200 people can take me out for a nice dinner. (No, I made that last one up. But if you want to, hey…

Please share this everywhere! I can’t seem to get one iota of press even if we are doing something uniquely killer for the Hard Rock scene of Australia! SHARE!!!!

And please… buy a copy!

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