Troyen – A New Dawn (2019)


The 70s and 80s were a forge of music generations, in all fields, in those years what we hear now was invented, in particular, among all the waves of music, mostly from England, the movement NWOBHM, was the cradle for many bands that have seen grow a generation, and that still continues in some how to fascinate.

Among the many bands, there were also them, the Troyen.  After an absence of about 32 years, Troyen return with the EP entitled “A New Dawn” released in July 2019.

Two unreleased tracks and two ‘historical’ pieces of the band, are part of this EP.
To open “A New Dawn” troviamo “Don’t Send Me To War”, one of the re recordings of Troyen 1981/1982 classic piece, together with the other song “Syrian Lady”, also contained in this EP, but it’s the new two tracks “Lady Evil” and “Nightmare” that are interesting.

The first one, “Lady Evil”, has a sound even if typically heavy metal, of classical style, with ‘shredder’ guitars and keeps its roots firmly in what the classic metal style with something fresher than revisiting the old-school style, becomes a rather modern piece, almost evergreen for instance.
“Nightmre”, which is my favorite track, is more malleable, oriented towards a 70’s sound with blues hints, and enriched by a melody characterizing it with a deep spirit of the seventies I said.

We can find also the extended version of “Don’t Send Me To War”, that closes this EP, a work that show the taste of a classic metal, the same metal that gave rise to all those sub-genres that have arisen.
We’ll wait for an album from Troyen soon, to look again for those origins with which people like me grew up.
Meanwhile, this work is for the nostalgic and for those who want to rediscover a genre that has its roots in England.


Review by Valeria Campagnale

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