Mitchell Mantell -This is Your Opportunity (2019)


Australian multi-instrumentalist, and producer, Mitchell Mantell, is set to release his long awaited EP, This is Your Opportunity, on August 15th.  Pre-orders are currently available on Bandcamp and iTunes.

Listening through the four track EP, I’m struck by the musical creativity on display.  The intro piece is “Lost” – subtle and almost Celtic sounding.  It only runs for a minute, but rolls into the first actual song “In the Wind” nicely.  But then the vocals happen, or more accurately, the growling vocals from Tre Pruitt happen, and it takes me out of the piece to a degree.

Pruitt is great at what he does, but it just didn’t work for me on this track.  The clean vocals from Joshua Ratcliff are far more suited.  The same can be said for “Reflections”.  Musically, I love it’s foundations – the guitar work is interesting and engaging.  The clean vocals work perfectly, but the minute those growling vocals take off, I’m transported out of the moment again.

Finishing up with the title track, “This is Your Opportunity”, it’s more of the same.  There is great potential demonstrated throughout the EP, but the vocals need to be flipped.  Use the clean singing as the dominant element, and growls for accent and emphasis.

There is a lot to like about this EP, particularly in the musical elements.  It’s progressive, and sort of schizophrenic in the way it brings a multitude of styles together.  The guitar work is fantastic, and the clean vocals are really good – hell, there’s even times where the growl works for me, just not all the time.

As usual though, this is just one opinion, and you should listen to the EP, and make up your own mind.


Review by Shayne McGowan

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