The Great Divide – Union (2019)

With the hard rock sound of late ’90s and original personality, The Great Divide presents a mix of American and European pure hard rock with heavy striations in this album.
“Union”, released on 2017, in the new edition via Agoge Records, just arrived here, after listening to it, we’re are happy to review it.
What does the original album have? A little bit all, even if with a not strictly original sound, the band is able to characterize it in their own way, making it interesting.
Between grunge and alternative and good production, “Union” manages to capture the attention that it deserves.
“Rise” with its alternative rock flavor and guitar solo and a refrain that they manage to show off, are the strong points of this opening track.
Pure hard rock for “So Wrong” in this song too the chorus is able to stand out for the melody while in the following “Love Sick Dog” the band manages to be stronger and sincerely I find it is one of the best tracks of this album, with a touch of funky and good guitars, the song is really catchy.
If up to now we’ve been draining interesting tracks more oriented towards a good hard rock, it’s with “Bone” that the band highlights more aggressive and typically metal sounds that succeeds in giving the right relief to the scratching voice of Mauro Pala, while in “Killing Time” is a darker but always mordant piece.
The next track has once again a nice rock sound with a great bass, that of Alessio Ripani as well as the rhythm section in general, with the good Vladimiro Melchiorre on drums, this is “Divided”, another nice track.
Still hard rock with different nuances for “Heroes”, while in “Bad Habits” the band vaguely overlooks the window of one, while never abandoning its roots.
“Grinder” is more quieter  but no less engaging, in fact, it is very interesting.
“Sleeper” is instead in itself a loaded piece, even if honestly lacking in duration, if it were shorter, it would have had a further impact.
All in all it’s a good album, remaining above personal tastes and remaining objective, Great Divide is a band that deserves further interest from the people in charge and certainly from the audience.

Review by Valeria Campagnale

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