Amigo the Devil – Bridge City Sessions EP (2019)


I first heard of Amigo the Devil thanks to my mates at Rue Morgue Records, and then I was off on an Amigo kick – listening to everything available, going down the YouTube rabbit hole.. You know how it goes, you’ve been there too!

Now comes this stunning live EP, Bridge City Sessions.  It’s only four songs long, for a total duration of 15 minutes, but damn, this showcases the emotive nature of Amigo the Devils brand of singer/songwriter fare.  Stripped back, bare bones – one man and his acoustic guitar.  Brilliant stuff.

“Cocaine and Abel” opens the EP, and while it was a brilliant track on the 2018 album “Everything is Fine”, here it seems to have a greater depth, more emotion and for lack of a better term, it just comes across better.

The same can be said of “First Day of the End of My Life”.  As a recording artist, Amigo the Devil is extremely talented, but in this live setting, one that I imagine was quite intimate, he truly makes his compositions come to life.

“I Hope Your Husband Dies” might contain the greatest lyrics ever written.  From a distance you might hear them as satirical, but as you listen to him sing “Living in the moment’s hard when everything I want is in the past, now you’re with this asshole, you expect me to believe it’s going to last” I think there’s a true story of lost love here, and it’s delivered with such conviction, that I’m left wanting her husband to die too…

“One Kind of People” finishes off the EP, and while it retains the bare bones nature, the acoustic guitar is replaced by a banjo, and there’s a bit more gravel to Amigos voice.  It’s a fun song, folky with added bluegrass vibes.  “Because there’s only one kind of people in this world: people who die” say the lyrics – a little bleak, but ultimately true.

Have a listen to Amigo the Devil at your earliest opportunity, you won’t be disappointed – particularly with this EP.


Review by Shayne McGowan



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