Teramaze – Are We Soldiers (2019)


For their first album since 2015, Teramaze were rejoined by former singer, Brett Rekekura, and the results speak for themselves.

Are We Soldiers features the ever present progressive elements of the Teramaze sound, coupled with electronic sounds, soaring guitars and exceptional vocals from the returning Rekekura.  Opening track Fight or Flight even brings some piano into the mix.

The title track is very much driven by the guitars of Dean Wells, while Control Conquer Collide is heavy and melodic in equal measures.  There’s a lot to be said for the quality of music that Teramaze deliver – Australia has an abundance of quality prog-oriented bands at the moment, but Are We Soldiers proves that Teramaze deserves to be recognised as one of the best.

Diversity is key to this album.  From Saviour To Assassin could easily be played on radio, Orwellian Times is a masterclass in arrangement and song writing – and when the drums and guitars are unleashed towards the end, it becomes amazing.  MONSTERS is heavy and symphonic, while Weight of Humanity is a massive wall of sound.

On Fact Resistant Human the band explore their sound a little more – adding some really slick and smooth vocals to the mix, while musically, they play with timing and structure a little more.

The One Percent Disarm has a groove to it that can’t be ignored.  The vocals have been great throughout the album, but there’s something about the performance on this track that really grabbed me – It’s a highlight of the album.

Depopulate is an epic twelve minute track, and it’s everything you want it to be – heavy, melodic, interesting, intense..  A great album closer.

This is a long album, coming in at sixty nine minutes, but it never feels too long.  Teramaze make great use of the time, and always keep it interesting for the listener.  The songwriting and musicianship on display are second to none, and I fully expect Are We Soldiers to catapult Teramaze to new heights.


Review by Shayne McGowan

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