Nitrate – Open Wide (2019)


Back in style are Nitrate, a band with roots in purely melodic hard rock, led by Rob Wylde.  Returning with the album “Open Wide”, following on from predecessor “Real world” released last year.

“Open Wide” is the reincarnation of 80’s rock, and since the members of Nitrate are very respectable, as they come from bands like Vega, for lead guitarist Marcus Thurston, among other new entries in this band, Find Me, East Temple Avenue for the other lead guitarist Philip Lindstrand, Midnite City, Eden’s Curse for drummer Pete Newdeck and bassist Nick Hogg. This premise is necessary to understand exactly who this stellar band is and to refresh our ideas about who and how hard rock lived it to the full on a stage, marking indelible chapters in what was hair metal, from sleaze to glam rock.

Having said that, I’ll start by saying that “Open Wide” is an album of pure rock, sometimes melodic, other times powerful, like the opening track “You Want it, You Got It” in which the atmosphere warms up immediately with nice riffs and a pressing rhythm. A remarkably captivating track with an easy but dynamic refrain and exceptional effect, first impact and first target. The following track “Night Time City” is dense but slightly softer, as always the guitars are really good and the result of this track is a classic hard rock that manages to creep in nicely.

Of a completely different style is “Only A Heartache Away”, a song in crescendo that manages to displace for its simplicity and freshness and that, personally reminds me very much of the style of Midnite City, really great song and we are on the third track … Fabulous “Heart Go Wild”, gogo guitars and a spatial groove, excellent both the rhythm and the singing.  Nitrate are back in perfect shape, sparkling and loaded as never before.

“Heart Go Wild” is definitely one of the most catchy pieces of this record and one of my favorites, as well as “I Don’t Want To Live” the following track, with its melodic rock essence, manages to fascinate in its being both melodic and sparkling. I keep jumping on and on with “Never Surrender”, a great hard rock song that manages to transport me back in time among glitter never abandoned and carefree days, because rock is this, the carefreeness, the lightness of being, making us forget the negative things and always ready to recharge our energies; well, this song succeeds in full.

It continues with tight rhythms in “Heartbreak Suicide”, a song remarkably rich in healthy rock, without many frills, only and exclusively excellent music. “In The Night”, is an inevitable, but not obvious power ballad, a song that can give emotions thanks to both voice and musicality, another great song for this beautiful album. In Bon Jovi style the following “Bad Girls” in which groove and mood come together for a practically perfect sound, great Nitrates!

“Shot In The Dark” is another well-structured and emotional track, another classic melodic rock, as well as “Waiting On You” that closes the album, with the addition of a greater verve and appetizing chorus that can not help but wink at the eighties. “Open Wide” is the perfect album for those who continue to love these sounds that, impassively, resist without being scratched by fashion, it must be that rock is a free spirit and simply because it will never die, despite those who among big names, said that rock is dead … no, no, rock is alive and well and Nitrate are proof of that, they are healthy carriers of rock’n’roll!

 Review by Valeria Campagnale


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