99 Crimes – Self Titled (2019)


“99 Crimes” is a pure hard rock carousel from which you’d never want to get off, I couldn’t wait to listen to this album after the EP of the Texan trio that sees Paul Lidel (Dangerous Toys, DirtyLooks) on lead vocals and guitars, Chris Jordan (M!SsCrazy) on drums and Jeff Lynn on bass and not only, considering that he’s also present as a solo voice in the song “Avenue”.

Drawing on their experiences, they have forged a unique blend of audio styles and textures reminiscent of the early days of heavy rock. A pure hard rock that shines from the opener “Devil In Your Dreams” with a powerful screaming and voice, a winking chorus and a robust rhythm, in short, a nice ride to start in an energetic and almost obsessive album, literally a punch in the face.

It’s rock and roll at the most for the following “Rumor”, more catchy as it draws from the eighties, catchy choirs, glowing rhythm and a spectacular guitar that creates a fantastic mood. “Coming’ Down Like Rain” is a song that is part of their debut EP, it’s rock with no frills and rough but catchy.

“Fool” is a purely hard rock song but with a respectable melodic line that accompanies the aggressiveness of the song between riffs bursting, vigorous rhythm section and a brilliantly modulated voice.

Fabulous is the following track “Move Like That”. Cadenced rhythm, a very American style and mood, the rockers like me will love this song, with a bland start, 99 Crimes accelerate between riff thriller and adrenaline fuelled rhythm.  At first glance I would associate them with the first L.A. Guns.

“Crystal Ball” is pure rock ‘n’ roll, of the raw and rough variety.  Listening to this piece you can breathe American air, there is no doubt that the definition of power trio for 99 Crimes fits like a glove. Another song taken from the EP that preceded “99 Crimes”, is “Avenue” that as I mentioned at the beginning, sees Jeff Lynn on vocals, I do not hide that it is because of this piece – a bit ‘AOR streaked with healthy hard rock – that I started to follow the band, a love at first listening.

The great “Blood From A Stone” has a vaguely seventies sound, great bass and catchy choirs for this song that is slightly different from those heard so far that manages to give an intriguing atmosphere. Another interesting carousel tour with “Do It Over”, a start almost in The Cult style that expands into a slightly dark rock track keeping a typically rock verve with 70’s streaks. This track is also taken from their EP.

Another song already on the EP is “Nine Pound Hammer”, a pounding sound sometimes power, sometimes melodic, a perfect fusion of styles. Close the album “Never Say Forever”, also present in their EP, a crazy track, incredible, riff a go-go, very powerful rhythm, a more than brilliant bass and the voice of Paul Lidel that does not give a blow to the entire album.

“99 Crimes” is a wild rock album, no hint of glam, nothing glossy, just healthy rock.

  Review by Valeria Campagnale


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