Redshift – Cataclysm (2019)


Formed at the start of 2017 in Bath, Redshift are a progressive metal trio who balance aggressive technical passages with inviting hooks, all peppered with raw passion. Already captivating many on the live stage, their music is powerful and theatrical, and prime to impact not only fans of Progressive music, but to reach even further.

Influenced by bands such as Rush, Opeth and even Dream Theater, Redshift are presented as one of the most interesting, varied and brilliant bands. With the album “Cataclysm”, they propose to us a varied record of sounds, full of a good dose of enthusiasm, since this is their debut.

Starting with “Overture”, we can hear a deep sound made of extreme metal with prog influences in which we can find good aggressive guitar and such great drumming with a piece that suggestively drags in its semi-apocalyptic resonance.

Their sound is tagged as progressive metal but that only gives one aspect of the Bath trio’s sound. It embraces extreme metal textures as easily and readily as melodic and classic hues, the band’s technical prowess is just as ripe and open within the creative tapestry. For personal appetites there are moments which simply enthral and other times where the record merely held keen intrigue yet from start to finish Cataclysmheld court on ears and attention and as mentioned with increasing success.

“Invasion” is an evocative piece, with the song that goes from clear to growl, alternating the atmosphere of the piece and, followed by the powerful rhythm and angry guitar, manages to give a very special suggestion ranging from relative quiet to storm.  Also in “Call Of Arms” the tones and the rhythm alternate, but this time the growl leaves the space to a clear voice, I keep instead the suggestive heavy guitar.

Beautiful is “Promises” a song with melancholic colors that with the piano is not only suggestive, but also very tormented and theatrical if we see the album with the perspective of a concept, because I imagine it is.  After so much dark sweetness, we find ourselves in the exasperated fury of “Fire, Smoke And Thunder”, a battle made of violent guitars, almost thrash, voice that returns with a powerful growl and massive drums all to give the idea of a war between two worlds, if that is the purpose that the band has set itself, then it has succeeded to perfection.

“May Fate Rest Upon” is such another good piece, brilliant guitar, great heavy mood and excellent prog ventures, amazing piece!
The closing “
The Last Stand”has on its side a touch of melody influenced by progressive music, a quiet song, the quiet after the storm in short.  Definitely one of the most interesting tracks that always intertwines prog and metal but in a much softer way.

If this is the debut album for the English Redshift, we can figure some good expectations for their future.

  Valeria Campagnale


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