Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds – Black Star Dancing EP (2019)


With every new release, Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds become just a little more eclectic.  Here on their new EP, Black Star Dancing, the band goes in to full blown electro territory, that often boarders on disco.

Honestly, why should an artist of Noel Gallagher’s talents not experiment a little..  While fans everywhere clamour for an Oasis reunion, that clearly couldn’t be further from Noel’s mind, as his output with the High Flying Birds has been consistently interesting and, for lack of a better term, always good.

On this three song (plus two remixes of the title track) EP, the band cover a lot of bases.  Black Star Dancing is pop music gold, with healthy doses of electro dance and disco thrown in for good measure.  Noel’s voice sounds amazing, and really suits the style.  It’s infectious and perfect.  There’s a reason why Chic co-founder Nike Rodgers dubbed this song as “dope”.

Rattling Rose is beautiful rhythm and blues, far more in line with the High Flying Birds signature sound – soulful and groovy – a totally “indie” vibe, but with bags of mainstream appeal.  The EP may only be three tracks long (if you don’t include the remixes), but Rattling Rose is a brilliant highlight among a pretty great selection of songs.

Sail On is folk rock – Noel is showing the hipsters how it should be done.  Again his voice is absolutely perfect as he sings “Tell the world I’m going to miss them but I’ve got to find a place where I belong” – and this is truly where he belongs, making music that keeps himself and his listeners interested.

And then we have the two remixes of Black Star Dancing.  Both are neither good or bad, they’re just there as an added bonus.

Those first three tracks though – give me more of that.  If this is a sign of what to come from the next full length album, then sign me up right now.


Review by Shayne McGowan

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