Annika Andersson – Reborn (2019)


How great is the beautiful blues-rocker Annika Andersson? With the album “Reborn” Annika is back in such a good shape, with renewed energy for her brilliant voice. The amazing blues voice returns with such class and charm, with twelve songs in which her and the Boiling Blues Band present a deep soul in each track, giving us the pleasure to listen to rock blues with delicate smoke that oscillates between one piece and another in an authentic American atmosphere that is not really American at all, because, who knew, Annika is Finnish.

Andersson’s musical adventure began at 14 years old with the band Model 73, then she turned into the punk rock band Dead End 5, they were way ahead their time – hardcore punk music and controversial performances. Since returning to her bluesy roots, Annika never abandoned her great musical love.

“Reborn” is the demonstration that this blues lady still has so much determination to sell and an incredible voice that accompanied by the music of her Boiling Blues Band, gives us new sensations and new emotions.

Starting with “20 Miles North”, second single from the album, is pure elegance in blues rock style, her voice is simply brilliant and the music that accompanies it is in full rhythm blues style, scratching and energetic.

In “Mississippi Queen” we can feel Annika punch in such a brilliant piece while with “Looking Out My Window”, “Ball And Chain” and “Saleswoman Blues”, we can hear the early R&B, classical pieces with all the elegance that they manage to emanate.

Note aside for the beautiful “Full Moon On Main Street” where the notes cradle us in very soft and velvety blues, managing to bring a soft quiet despite a voice that can be aggressive and intense.
It’s the turn of the first single that anticipated the outcome of this album, “Little Trixter”, an energetic track with a very good rhythm and a typical bluesy sound, just another great piece.

The album revolves around a rhythm always very marked and constant, with a melodious sound between classic and contemporary rock blues but certainly more oriented towards the early style.

A special mention for the track that closes the album “Johnny Lee H”, dedicated to the great John Lee Hooker, I suppose, who shows a boogie blues, typical sound that made him famous throughout the world. Also this song is an absolutely noteworthy, beautiful piece that stands out brilliantly through the bass lines.

“Reborn” marks a great return, for a true lady of blues and the album itself shows the enthusiasm, with emphasis on ligatures between traditional techniques of blues and the strength of rock.

Valeria Campagnale

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