The Gloom in the Corner – Flesh & Bones (2019)


I do not know a lot about The Gloom in the Corner, but I do know that this record is interesting, heavy and thoroughly engaging…

This, the follow up to 2017’s Homecoming EP, opens with Misanthropic – an original take on the Sherlock Holmes story, that sees him as a psychopath, hellbent on demonstrating his power over people.  Musically, it’s heavy and unhinged, and when listened to with the visual accompaniment of its video, it really comes to life.

Peace (featuring Kadeem France of Loathe) is a highlight of this record.  As it opens with soaring clean vocals, Peace demonstrates melody, before bludgeoning the listener with a barrage of heavy and moody sounds.  It’s remarkable how catchy a song this is, for something that is unrelenting in its heavyness.

Survivors Guilt (featuring Dylan Torre) features massive riffs, precision percussion and vocals that are urgent and frantic, yet also structured, while Bleed You Out plays with timing and uses synth effects for added accent.  It’s another highlight.

Deer Hunter begins as a more subdued affair, opening with a spoken word passage, lulling the listener in to a sense of calm before storming forward with more of the unhinged insanity that The Gloom in the Corner have perfected.  This is an obviously intelligent band, that have no problem challenging themselves and their listeners.

D.I.M.A (featuring Amelia Duffield) is possibly the most accessible song featured on Flesh & Bones, although not at the expense of anything that makes this record so great.  When we close on Can’t Reach The Sun, we’ve literally been taken on a journey – a roller coaster of violent imagery and emotion, that will leave you feeling spent.

This is heavy music that is not background noise.  It will make you think, but give you a fantastic listening experience at the same time.


Review by Shayne McGowan

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