Roadsaw – Tinnitus the Night (2019)


Boston based legends, Roadsaw, have returned with their eighth full length album, Tinnitus The Night, and it’s an energetic hard rock record that will be sure to get your head nodding and foot tapping as you listen.

I just finished listening to this record while on a drive, and for me, it was the perfect accompaniment.  Opening up, funnily enough, with Along For the Ride, there is an undeniable swagger to Roadsaws brand of rock that is hard to ignore.  It’s all about the riff for this three piece – the rhythm section rests its head when necessary, but it’s definitely a guitar driven album.

Shake features a huge groove, and brings Craig Riggs’ vocals a little more to forefront.  The chorus puts me in mind of Rob Zombies lyrical cadence.  It’s really great.

Fat Rats is a little slower, with a stoner rock vibe.  In contrast to the previous song, Final Phase picks the pace back up, getting a little sleazier in its delivery, and the lead guitar work is possibly the best on offer.

Peel is one of the longest songs on the record, clocking in just shy of six and a half minutes, but uses its length wisely, incorporating a range of influences.  Knock ‘Em All Down brings back the swagger and sleaze, and becomes a highlight for mine.

Find What You Need follows on perfectly, with more top notch guitar work, and plenty of stoner fuzz – Its easy to see why Roadsaw are the perfect fit to play with the likes of Fu Manchu.

Under the Devils Thumb breaks no new ground, but fits extremely well within the total package, while Midazolam is ambitious and really shows off how talented and underrated Roadsaw actually are.  Throughout its near seven minute length, this track takes us through all of that which defines Roadsaws sound.

Silence is the final track, and through its acoustic and airy delivery, it becomes a highlight for me.  There is a definite 70’s vibe here.

Roadsaw have delivered a really good hard rock album in Tinnitus the Night, one that fits very well within their back catalogue.  Check it out.


Review by Shayne McGowan


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