ATLVS – Memoir (2019)


Gippsland metalcore unit, Atlvs, are set to release their latest EP, Memoir, upon the world on June 14th, and as far as debut releases go, this should do great things for the band.

No cold opening here.  Atlvs come out swinging on first track, Epiphany, with complete intensity.  It’s an uncompromisingly heavy track track, that is completely modern sounding, but also gives a wink and a nod to older influences.   

Insinuate builds upon the intensity, with the vocals being the most intense part of the package.  Relentlessly brutal up front, but the harmonies beneath the surface really add a depth.  The cleaner vocals also work to accentuate the harshness of the heavier vocal.

YVTH opens with some weird effects, and then transitions into a very clean and accessible instrumental piece that serves to break up the EP, it also makes the next track, Love, seem all the more heavy by comparison.

Mercury is a full force aural assault from the outset.  I have to acknowledge the production values of the entire EP as well.  There’s nothing muddy here, everything is crystal clear and easy to pick up on.  And there is lots going on.

To close out the EP, Sick is hugely modern, but also throws back to a touch of “nu-metal” influence, at least in my opinion.  It’s the definite highlight of the Memoir EP for me.

There has been a lot of Australian metalcore releases over the past few months, but nothing has grabbed my attention the way Memoir has, so kudos to Atlvs.


Review by Shayne McGowan

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