Live Fast, Die Whenever (2019)


News of this collaborative effort had a lot of fans chomping at the bit, and now that it’s been released to the world at large, I thought I better have a listen.

It’s a heavy and abrasive opening that gets this EP fired up on Killing 2 Birds With 22 Stones, before it goes into full hip hop territory for the versus.  Its fair to say that a lot of bases are covered here.  It’s a decent blend of punk rock, hip hop and metal.

That was always going to be the result of a collaboration between Travis Barker, Korns Munky and Suicide Boys.  Sour Grapes features some great drum beats from Barker, but doesn’t stray too far from hip hop territory, but I dig it.

Don’t Trust Anyone features Munky, and this is one of the most interesting tracks on offer.  It has moments that are maniacal, coupled with some fast rap versus.  It’s not normally my thing, but I’m enthralled.

Individuality Was So Last Year and Aliens Are Ghosts both stick to a pretty standard hip hop formula, but scratch beneath the surface, and it’s Travis Barkers beats that make this as good as it is.

Barker is never felt more, than on Nothingleftnothingleft though.  The beats are insane, and the track as a whole is massive, frantic, and completely schizophrenic.  It’s the definite highlight.

I’m shocked to say that I thoroughly enjoyed it.  Not as great as Barkers collaboration with Yella Wolf for the Psycho White EP, but Live Fast, Die Whenever certainly works for me.


Review by Shayne McGowan

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