D.A.D – A Prayer For The Loud (2019)


A6A6919B-9387-4F2B-978C-D42796FAEC60.jpegIf you’re hoping for a re-hash of No Fuel Left For The Pilgrims, then walk away now. (Don’t actually walk away though, because this is a great album!).  While the 2019 model of D.A.D retains quite a bit of what made them appealing for me, this is certainly a more grown up hard rock band on A Prayer For The Loud.

From the opening seconds of Burning Star, I knew I was going to enjoy this record.  It sounds amazingly crisp, and really gets the ball rolling with a big balls out hard rocker.  The title track shifts gears a little, transitioning in to a groovy track that has a lot in common with ZZ Top.  It’s far from copycat though, especially when the chorus erupts into a wall of sound.

Nothing Ever Changes is about as catchy as can be, while The Sky Is Made Of Blues actually does follow a similar structure to their huge hit, Sleeping My Day Away.  So far, so good.

The Real Me brings something that’s almost funky to the table, before bursting to life in the chorus with arena level sing along choruses.  No Doubt About It is a personal favourite, and that all because of the simplistic guitar riffs and gang vocals – something that I’m a huge fan of.

A Drug For The Heart takes us in to ballad territory, and for me, while not a bad song, it’s just a little out of place.  Musical Chairs on the other hand, is just perfect.  Fast and frantic tiffing, gravely vocals and gigantic choruses make for another highlight.  It’s the bastard child of AC/DC and Motörhead, and I loved every second of it.

Time Is A Train is infused with blues swagger, Happy Days In Hell is an upbeat rocker, and to close out the album, If The World Just heads in to totally different territory, with an atmospheric track, that has as much in common with 80’s Springsteen as anything else.  It’s actually wonderful.

The entire album is a very enjoyable listening experience.  D.A.D are not trapped in past glory’s, but neither are they stepping too far away from their past.  It’s well worth a listen, for fans, and new listeners alike.


Review by Shayne McGowan

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