Brain Pollution #1

Horror is my “go to” genre, but as I started getting more into this writing thing for Noise Pollution, I decided I wanted to not be the “horror guy” but the “movie guy” instead.

So Trewins Terrors is no more, but we were all told that old “too much tv will rot your brain” line as children, so I introduce to you…



First up, in news that I find utterly fucking disturbing, Robert Pattinson is now 100% confirmed as the new cinematic Batman.  The director of the upcoming “The Batman”, Matt Reeves, has confirmed the divisive news on his Twitter account.  Currently set to open on June 25th, 2021, the film is said to be a noir tale, that heavily focuses on Batman’s detective work.  I won’t pass judgement until I see the movie (which I will), but I think Pattinson is the flat out wrong choice…


Chris Hemsworth is “open” to a role in the third Guardians of the Galaxy movie.  Personally I think it might be the only way he gets another run at playing Thor, as I highly doubt there will be a fourth standalone movie, and his time with the Avengers is over.  An “Asguardians of the Galaxy” movie would be box office money for one, but also a great way to properly close out Thor’s chapter.  Make it happen.


Quentin Tarantino has set Jerrod Carmichael to co-write a film based on the crossover comic book series which served as a sequel to 2012’s “Django Unchained” which sees Jamie Foxx’s bounty hunter teaming with the legendary swashbuckler Zorro.  Do we need this movie?  Nope, but will we take it?  Fuck yes!  IF this happens, and I say it’s a pretty big if, I guarantee they have my money!


Harrison Ford was recently quoted as saying Indiana Jones 5 should be “starting to shoot sometime next year” and he’s “looking forward to it… Things are coming along well.”


Bryce Dallas Howard has dropped a hint that Jeff Goldblum, Sam Neil and Laura Dern will be reprising their Jurassic Park roles in the upcoming third entry to the Jurassic World Series.  I’m in!


Blumhouse Productions, the producers behind recent hits like Us, Get Out and the Happy Death Day movies, have announced plans for a magic 8 ball movie in partnership with Mattel.  Yes, you read that right.  Will people see it?  Of course.  Will it be good?  *shakes magic 8 ball* “Outlook not so good.”


Ghostbusters 3, Candyman and the Mortal Kombat reboot are all set to begin filming in the next few weeks, because nostalgia is king, and original ideas are a thing of the past.  Game of Thrones is now over, so the reboot of that must be imminent…


It’s been in development hell for years, but Bill and Ted 3 is finally happening, as we’ve known for a little while now.  This week Samara Weaving and Brigette Lundy-Paine were added to the cast as the daughters of Bill and Ted, joining Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter, for what is sure to be a huge amount of fun (no matter what I said about nostalgia early).


The first image for Wonder Woman 1984 is out, and it looks like she wants to be Aquaman.. Still hot though!

Lastly – Trailer of the Week; Ad Astra.

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