Arcane Saints set to release “The City”


Photo credit: Chowie

Melbourne rockers Arcane Saints are set to release their new single on June 20th!

The new song, The City, according to singer/guitarist and founding member, Michael John, is the culmination of “fooling around with the verse riff for over a year, before a song finally materialised.”  It opens with a funky feeling guitar riff, before John comes in with his trademark smokey and somewhat sultry vocals, and then erupts into a huge chorus that will be certain to get the crowds moving.  It’s catchy and poppy, but rocks at the same time.

As a long time fan of the band, I listened to The City as soon as it hit my email inbox.  Planning to return for another listen later on, I began cooking that nights dinner for the family, but I was already, after only one listen, humming and singing parts of the song.  It got me, and I had no idea.  Testament to the bands talents.

According to John, “The song is about someone being in a toxic relationship but actually enjoying some aspects of it. They accept it is not going to be a long term thing, so decide to just enjoy the ride while it lasts”.  That story is certainly reflected in the lyrics, and demonstrates the skilful songwriting of Arcane Saints, and their ability to get their point across in truly original ways.

The band have been a mainstay of the Melbourne rock scene for roughly a decade now, releasing one full length album, two eps and a handful of standalone singles in that time, as well as touring China twice (which is not something a lot of bands can lay claim to!) plus touring with the likes of Glen Matlock, Trapt, Thousand Foot Krutch, Grinspoon and Sarah McCleod.

Whether “The City” serves as a stand-alone single from Arcane Saints, or winds up being the first taste of an album or ep to follow, I know for certain that this band always releases music of the utmost quality, and I’m sure you will agree when you hear it for yourself.

Arcane Saints upcoming gigs:

Sat 6 July at Frankie’s Pizza, Sydney- supporting Palace of the King

Sat 20 July at Whole Lotta Love, Melbourne

Written by Shayne McGowan

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