The Prodigy (2019)


A mother concerned about her young son’s disturbing behavior thinks something supernatural may be affecting him.“

I’m not a parent, but I can see how this movie, fictional as it may be, would be uncomfortable for parents to watch.  The majority is quite far fetched, but there are little pieces here and there that are disturbing.

Jackson Robert Scott (also featured in “It” and Fear The Walking Dead) May only be young, but he nails the creepy aspects of his character.  This kid can obviously follow direction, deliver believable dialogue, and convey emotion.  He has a bright future indeed.

Orange is the New Blacks Taylor Schilling portrays his mother, and is quite good here.  The film offers her the chance to use a little more range than her TV career.  Now that the show is ending, I’m sure she will do more big screen material.

As I said, there are far fetched supernatural elements at play here, but it all works.

The Prodigy is not the 1976 Richard Donner masterpiece, The Omen, but it is light years ahead of that films inferior remake.

Check it out, it’s not bad at all.


Review by Rick Trewin

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