The Mis-Made – Dead Man (single, 2019)


I genuinely, genuinely love this.  I can’t tell you the last time I heard a single song that has grabbed me like this.  I grabbed this CD single from their gig at the Transit Bar in Canberra a couple of nights ago, and I put it on repeat driving home.  The smile on my face just grew and grew with each listen.

Mis-Made are a four piece all female hard rock band from Sydney.  This single follows on from such EPs as Maelstrom and albums like Changeling from 2017.  Whilst the bands driving force is lead singer and guitarist Jessamine Findlayson, all four members contribute to make this song truely gallop along.  There’s a little bit of rise and fall in the tempo, especially at the bridge but the song is definitely a gallop.

I hope that the album to follow is a thoroughbred, because based on this song, there’s nothing they can’t hurdle.

No more horse puns, I promise.


Review by Gregg Heldon

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