Madhouse – Madhouse Hotel (2019)

Sometimes you just have to take a chance.
It was a Facebook feed ad. You know the ones. It was for a band called Madhouse. I clicked. Took me to their page. Italian. Female fronted. I like Lacuna Coil so I investigated more. I liked what I heard. I liked their Facebook page and I sent friend requests in for all the band members. They all accepted.
I truely hope this album, their debut apart from an EP of a couple of years ago, gets a worldwide release. It deserves it. Here within this album are 10 tracks of hard rock perfection.
In Federica Tringali, they have a vocalist (and lyricist) that is pure rock chick but with pop sensibilities. That is a tightrope and a half to walk and she does it amazingly.
The twin guitar attack of Filippo and Daniele feed well off each other and know how to put light and shade into these songs.
Equally, the rhythm section of Michele and Ares are solid and tight. All four men are very adept at their craft and back Federica well.
My favourite tracks are Butterfly, Walk This Road and the current single, King Without Crown. But there isn’t a duff track here.
I have, very quickly, become a big fan. I can’t wait for their next album. Onward and upward Madhouse!!
Review by Gregg Heldon

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