Greyview – Faded Days (2019)


Melbourne based punk rock outfit, Greyview, have just released their debut EP, Faded Days, and it is nothing short of special.

Opening with Not Erased, Greyview take certain elements of pop punk, and mix it with dirtier and grittier, yet still catchy, sounds that you’d hear in a band like Rancid.  The lyrics are personal, and relatable.  Vocally, Michael McClarens delivery is raw and far from perfect, and that adds to the overall feel.

Mostly Grey is another personal song, again served by the angst and emotion of those raw vocals.  The guest appearance from Cassie Sutton, vocalist for Terra, adds another layer to Greyview sound.

Faded opens with an energetic burst, then settles into an anthemic punk rock version of a power ballad.  The band know exactly when to hold back and let the vocals or a lonesome guitar part take the spotlight.  It all comes together really well.

Never Enough adds an air of anger to this record, and the music suitably speeds up to accentuate that, while Under The Tree is the polar opposite.  It’s a gentle and emotive acoustic track, with a heartfelt delivery. It’s definitely not out of place though, and when it bursts forward with brightness towards the end, it actually proves to be a highlight for me.

Shark Skin opens up with a stripped back guitar and vocal performance, before launching in to another angsty anthem.  More of those raw and personal lyrics that Greyview do so well are on display here, and in turn, its another highlight.

Gloom finishes up the EP, and while it brings no new tricks to the table, it does serve as a great closer to this debut EP.

Greyview will no doubt build upon this formula, as they continue to release music, but there’s no doubt that the band are on to something here.


Review by Shayne McGowan

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