Introducing – Death Note Silence.


Hailing from Quebec, Canada, Death Note Silence are a beast of a band.  Brutal and unrelenting with their metal assault, but also able to lull you in to a false sense of peace, through their use of gentle cradle song like backing.  The viscous vocals will cut you to the core, with only aggression and nothing clean within ear shot.

Musically, the band, comprised of Ben Garceau on vocals, David Duchemin on drums, Julien Dery on bass, and the buzzsaw duo of Phil Howard and Pete on guitars, will rattle your bones with their take on “Core” genres.  There is definitely elements of metalcore and deathcore, but you’ll hear some groove and grind scattered throughout their self titled album from 2018.

Death Note Silence are not interested in fame or fortune, as you will read  below, they are merely out to have fun with friends, and entertain crowds in the process.  Whether they like it or not, I expect the bands following to grow and grow, to a point where success is a given.

What does the band name mean to you? 

It means nothing, and that is what we wanted.  It sounds like our music sounds.

Where are you from? 

Quebec, Canada.

What genre do you fall under?

Core genres.  (metalcore influenced deathcore)

How long have you been Together?

Since 2015.

Give us the story of your formation..

We were 5 guys coming from 5 different underground bands.  All of our bands were different, from punk rock to hardcore to thrash to metalcore.  We formed in 2015 and had no wish for sucess.  We just wanted to get back on stage and connect with people because something was missing in our lives.  A couple of weeks after, we were opening for big bands in our province.  Months after we were opening for big bands in different cities.  One year later we toured a little bit.  A couple of years after, both of our albums were available everywhere and accessible internationally.  As of today, we do not wish for success, we are just doing our thing, and we have fun.  Everything is going really fast, but we don’t feel we need to sign with a label or need to invest 50K in order to be known.  We just have fun, and we think that this is why it connects with people.

Tell us about your influences.. 

Everything from the mid 90s until today. Often people tend to forget what was done before, but it’s incredible how you can change the music of today when you have influences that people don’t remember.

Tell us about your latest release..

We think this one represents us a lot.  It is energetic and represents a lot of our teenage angst and our pride.  The album is dark, but its also positive.  We go through our anger and frustration, and tell people how we are today and ask em to believe in themselves no matter what.

Where is your music available?

iTunes, Googleplay, Amazon, Spotify, Tidal, Deezer, YouTube, Facebook… EVERYWHERE!

What are your goals for the band?

Having fun doing what we do.  Of course, maybe eventually going to America or Europe, but at what cost?  Signing a contract for 21 shows in 24 nights, sleeping in our van with no garantee?  No way. 

Things need to change.  We are not bitches selling our asses that way.  Bands needs to understand they can make it with a lot of work, without signing stupid contracts like that.

If you could share the stage with any other band or artist, who would it be? 

Parkway Drive.

Tell us about your live shows?

We put on the kind of show that will leave you feeling great at the end of our set.

Do you have any upcoming gigs to Promote?

We are doing a lot of festivals this summer.  Rockfest for mental sickness, Waterloo Underground Festival..  We have also made the finals for a chance to participate on Heavy Montreal.  Other than that, we will be playing with some of the best underground bands in and around Quebec.


What do you think sets you apart from other bands?

Imagine; On one side you have Kiss, Bon Jovi, Metallica, Queen, Marylin Manson, Elton John..

On the other side you have; August Burns Red, Thy art is murder, Whitchapel, Emmure..

We try to combine both sides.  Often people think you need money in order to offer shows like the bands in the first list.  The thing is you can be in the second list and offer an experience to the people and offer more than a set of 30 minutes.  You need to set up an experience.  Music is art, whatever style you are playing and it needs to be explored and developed.

Explain why fans should give your music a listen..

I guess it touches people, because we are not limited by what the industry offers today, and our music is straight from the heart.

What has been your bands greatest achievement so far?

Having fun… Whats the point if you make a million bucks, but you are alone?  Whats the point if you replace band members and sign contracts against each other?

What else do you hope to Achive?

Growing our fanbase, reinforce our foundation, solid music is coming from a solid band.

Where can fans find you?  Give us your links..



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