Eluveitie – Ategnatos (2019)


Folk metal.  Some love it.  Some think it’s an oxymoron.  Some believe the two words should never be in the same sentence.

My thoughts..?  When it’s done good, then it’s the perfect match and melds together seemlessly. Thankfully, Switzerland’s Eluveitie meld it very well on this, their latest album.

Nine members in the band who draw on their Gaulish heritage.  No Asterix and Obelisk jokes here, although they can musically smack you in the face as only an obelisk could.  It can be quite superhuman.

It can also be very tender.  This is where the folk instruments come into their own.  It’s like they are two seperate bands.  A traditional metal band and a folk band.  There are times, like on the third track Deathwalker, where everyone comes together and they sound like they are having a party. 

On other tracks, like the title track, where the folk and the metal trade blows with each other, but in a way which complements.

Two vocalists.  Male and Female.  Gruff and Masculine and ethereal and folky.  Chrigel and Fabienne again, will either complement each other and sing together or let the other have room to shine.

Eluveitie just finished touring Australia.  They put on a great show.  Obviously feeling confident from putting out a great album.

Folk metal.  Let your guard down and have a listen.


Review by Gregg Heldon

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