Bad Moon Born – War is One (2019)


Not that long ago, in a beautiful world far, far away there was a Utopia.  This land was called suburban and regional Australia and this beautiful, mystical land had entertainment. This entertainment was called Aussie Pub Rock and it was a beautiful thing. It had many heroes, male and female, and spectators would gather in their hundreds and thousands to watch proceedings on a nightly basis to cheer on those heroes.

Life was good, and it was inspiring. 

But then, it started to die.

Now, five guys from the suburbs of Sydney wish to revive this wonderful past time and they wish to be known as Bad Moon Born.

They rock.. And they roll.

You can tell that these guys have slogged it out in what’s left of the pub rock circuit, because this is a professional collection of six songs.

It’s a slick production that reminds me of great Aussie bands like Avion, Boss, BB Steal and Heaven, but updated for 2019.  The guitars are front and centre but there are some keyboards used to great effect.

Frankie’s vocals are somewhat unique in that he doesn’t really sound like other people, which is great but, at the same time, there is a familiarity about them that makes you instantly ease into them.

They are currently the “go to” for supporting internationally touring hard rock bands, and with good reason.  Go and see them over the next few months before they bugger off overseas and we’ll never see them living here again.  Germans and Brits will be raving about their festival appearances, and claiming them to be the next Def Leppard.

And, if you want to be lazy and make comparisons, that’s what they are.  They are OUR version of a modern day Def Leppard. These six songs are all great slabs of modern, commercial hard rock.  The sort of commercial hard rock that needs and wants to be on Commercial FM Radio.  But, alas, unlike when Aussie Pub Rock ruled the roost in both suburbia and the airwaves, modern Commercial FM Radio is dire and bereft of modern Rock music.

So go to their website and buy this EP.  Go to their shows and see them.  Go to community radio and listen to them.  Support this and other Aussie bands trying to establish the next vanguard of great Aussie rock music.  It’s time, and it’s needed.


Review by Gregg Heldon

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