Social Media Shredder – Monica Strut


The local music industry is a difficult beast to navigate.  It can be a whole lot of fun, but at the same time, it can be nothing short of cut throat.  For near enough to a decade, I’ve been involved on and off, first with The Hard Rock Show, then Basement Apes, to current times with Noise Pollution.  In all that time, I’ve never come across somebody who is so willing to share advice, let alone take the time to compile it into a great handbook.

Success in the local industry is hard to come by, and the secrets to even mild success are closely guarded, and rarely shared with “rival” bands.  That’s why this helpful guide to social media, from vocalist for The Last Martyr, Monica Strut, is a breath of fresh air.  Here we have somebody who is killing it in all aspects of her career, and she genuinely wants others to succeed as well.  It’s refreshing to have somebody willing to offer up such valuable advice.

Aside from fronting The Last Martyr, Monica is also the social media manager for Heavy Magazine, and a successful music marketer, so it’s safe to say that she knows what she’s talking about.

Social Media Shredder is a handy guide not just for bands and musicians, but for any business that wants to make the most of their social media presence.  Early in the piece, Monica warns that having a a good social media presence is never a substitute for having great product, and I think that knowing this key point is half the battle.

Throughout the book, we are walked through the basic purpose of each social platform – Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Youtube, and the fundamentals involved in using each one to our best ability.

Great details are given in Phase 1, on how to make your profile on each platform standout to others, from the most basic details like your profile picture, right down to finer points like making sure to include your email.  That might sound like an unnecessary inclusion, but even now in 2019, I still come across band pages with no email address present.

Phase 2 dives headfirst into standing out from the crowd.  It’s full of insightful nuggets that are sure to help you out, if you chose to take the advice.  Personally, I have found a lot of valuable information that I plan to put in to effect for Noise Pollution.

Phase 3 offers up strategy for building your fan base.  Words of wisdom such as “contrary to popular belief, the number of followers you have on your accounts doesn’t matter that much if the followers you do have are highly engaged” are scattered throughout this section, and I tend to believe that it is 100% correct.  You might have 10,000 followers, but your last 10 posts haven’t received so much as a single “like”.

Monica Strut has a great understanding of how these things work, but its totally up to you to take her helpful and insightful advice, that is built on her years of first hand experience.  After reading through Social Media Shredder, I highly recommend that you do grab a copy and put it in to effect immediately.


Social Media Shredder – The Book – is now available on Amazon, on Kindle and in Paperback!



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