Yawning Man – Macedonian Lines (2019)


This is the first time I have ever listened to Yawning Man, not for any reason other than they have just never appeared on my radar.

After having been around for near on 20 years, I’m glad to have finally found the Californian desert rockers, Yawning Man, because their new album, Macedonian Lines, has provided me with one of the most interesting listening experiences I’ve had in recent times.

It’s instrumental rock, and although there are no “huge riffs” to be heard, it’s very rooted in the “stoner” vibe.

From the opening track, Virtual Funeral, it’s clear that there is nothing over the top about this band or the music that they create.  Just perfectly crafted pieces, thoughtfully created by talented musicians.

As you continue listening through the title track, and Melancholy Sadie, there is a cohesiveness that runs throughout this record.  The songs run together and flow perfectly, to create a genuinely immersive listening experience.

While I understand that this style of music is not for everyone, I am enjoying it greatly.  Bowie’s Last Breath introduces some very fuzzy and distorted bass to the front of Yawning Mans sound, and it works so well against the airy and atmospheric backdrop.

I’m Not A Real Indian just might be the standout track, with the guitar really taking front and centre here.  I’m really digging the images that the music conjures for me.

Lastly, I Make Weird Choices is the longest track on offer, and at seven minutes long, it snakes it’s way through all of the styles and influences that came before it, and builds its way to becoming the most ambitious piece of the EP.

Wonderful and immersive.  Highly recommended.


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