Crazy Lixx – Forever Wild (2019)


Frontiers have released some great albums in their time, but 2019 might be their best year, at least for me.  Exceptional releases from Tora Tora, L.A Guns, The Treatment and Animal Drive are just a few from this year alone.  Now add Crazy Lixx to the list, because their new album, Forever Wild, is a ripper!

Wicked starts us off with a bang, full of all the 80’s rock revival excesses that you could possibly handle.  The party continues through the likes of Break Out and Silent Thunder, with each track calling back to the melodic rock glory of Bon Jovi and Def Leppard.  The huge choruses wouldn’t be out of place in arenas the world over.

(She’s Wearing) Yesterday’s Face has a huge groove, and singer Danny Rexon channels Sebastian Bach to excellent results.  Eagle shows a different side of Crazy Lixx.  It’s a longer song at 6 1/2 minutes, and ditches the rock excess for a very melodic song, complete with catchy chorus.

Terminal Velocity builds slowly, until it lets fly with some great lead guitar work, and settles in to a swagger that hits the nostalgic mark, but also sounds fresh here.  It’s You is a much poppier track, but certainly not out of place.

Love Don’t Live Here Anymore is the obligatory power ballad that we knew was coming, but it’s good at being what it is.  Weekend Lover picks things back up, for a bonafide rocker, that will have you singing along and air guitaring all over your house.

Never Die (Forever Wild) is the closer, and it’s the sort of song I would love to hear from Bon Jovi these days.  Be prepared for this to become an ear worm, because it’s infectious.

The entire album is very catchy and infectious from the start.  Melodic, but with an imistakable groove that is sure to get you moving.  It’s a great album, and I’m not afraid to say that it’s the career best from Crazy Lixx.


Review by Shayne McGowan

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