Checking in with BLKLST.


Melbournes BLKLST are soon to release their latest EP, Spider Love.  As the release date approaches, Shayne spoke with the bands drummer, Drue Hering, about the band, The EP, and the future. 

Can you give us a bit of background on BLKLST.  Where are you from, and how did the band come together?

The band originally started on the Mornington Peninsula, Victoria. It started with our drummer Drue, and now studio member James Gracie and James McClurg. Now we are spread all over Melbourne with our new lineup.

Who are the bands musical influences?

Musically: Old Bring Me The Horizon, Architects, Slipknot. Vocally, 90’s Nu Metal

What about non-musical influences?

Good times with the boys.

How would you describe the BLKLST sound?

Different. A modern take on Nu-Metal

And that sums up the sound perfectly.  The Nu Metal elements are easily identifiable, but BLKLST certainly modernise the style, and make it something new and fresh. 

You’ve previously released 2 EPS, and now comes the single “They All Look the Same”, how do you think BLKLST has grown or evolved  from earlier releases to now?

BLKLST evolved through formula; the use of structure paired with an extensive writing process allowed us to constantly rework the musical aspect of the tracks for the later releases, resulting in a more consistent and developed sound that provides a stronger platform for the melodic components.

They All Look the Same” seems to be a bit of a commentary on society.  What can you tell us about the song?

It’s about being different in society. Feeling excluded from the ‘rat race’ and feeling there’s more to life whilst coming to terms with living in the self contained prison of the 9-5.

The accompanying video has grabbed over 4,000 views in under a month.  Do you enjoy the process of making videos?

Yes, not as much as writing music but working with Colin Jeffs has been a real pleasure and he definitely brought more to the visual side of the band.

It’s the first single from the Spider Love EP (out June 7th), is it a pretty good indication of the direction of the EP?

This EP is probably the most diverse we have, but it does touch on a lot of the directions we explore on this CD.

What is your ultimate goal for Spider Love?

For people to enjoy it as much as we did creating it. Also to engage with our listeners on a more deeper level.

I have heard the EP, and I personally think it’s great.  Do you read reviews of your releases? And if so how do people’s opinions of your work  affect you?

We try to not let people’s opinions alter what we do, but it’s always interesting seeing what people take from our music or how they interpret it.

What are your plans, post Spider Love release? Is there an EP launch gig planned, what about a national tour?

Definitely a Melbourne headline will happen, and a lot more details coming soon on tours.

BLKLST are known for crushingly heavy live shows.  Can you elaborate on that for us at all?

We’d love to elaborate, but you have to see it for yourself.

Do you prefer to play intimate venues, or is it a case of the bigger the better?

Both are great for different reasons. We think if the crowd is enjoying and the vibe is good, it’s going to be fun no matter what.


Do you hope to eventually take the band overseas, and maybe get on some of the European festivals where I think your music would go over really well with the crowds?

Absolutely, it’s on the bucket list. (If anyone reading this can help us out email us)

From here, how soon will you start thinking about more new music?

Already in the works.

Lastly, for anybody that hasn’t heard BLKLST yet, tell them why they should listen to your band.

Because we feel we are bringing something different and constantly evolving our sound.

Grab the EP on June 7th, and turn it up loud!  While your at it, check out the bands range of merchandise at their Bigcartel site. 


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